Built by the famous Maytag family


Freda Maytag, daughter of the Maytag appliance company founder: Francis Louis Maytag, built this house as family mountain retreat in 1935. She may have discovered the gorgeous town of Woodland Park, as many did during that era, riding the train from Colorado Springs into gold mine country. Many would take advantage of the Woodland Park train station stop to picnic and to pick wild flowers in the high country fields, and enjoy the breathtaking view of Pike's Peak to the south. 

Freda's son, Bob Maytag, went on to become the Mayor of Woodland Park in the 1960's, but the historic "Maytag"–as it has always been known–was purchased by the wealthy Blackford family in 1957 who renovated the interior of the neo-Colonial designed home with real splash. The spirit of the original design and many of the early renovations can still be enjoyed throughout the property. All three of the original structures were built with "retreat" in mind.

Purchased by Ben and Robin Pasley in 2010 the property has been treated to a complete renovation, top to bottom. Most of the mechanical features of the house have been updated, the main kitchen entirely modernized, and the guest cottage renovated so well that it has become an extremely popular short term rental. Everything from the stylish welcome gate, all the way through to the new double basin sinks in the master bathroom, the home has been made completely ready to welcome you!


More than just a house


The Maytag is more than just a house, it is a local treasure. There nothing like it in the town of Woodland Park, or the region, and it continues to be a key anchor in people's memories of the town. This private property is buffered by a sprawling lawn without peer in the local neighborhood, and it is the premier member of the local honorary historical registry. Though eligible for the national historic registry, it is not under any stringent external requirements. The gorgeous two-story estate home rises up into the Ponderosa pines with the steep, gothic pitched roof. The butter cream yellow siding is decorated by original shutters, and is capped by a well-maintained cedar roof adorned by gables, dormers and curved roof lines. In addition to the main home there is a cozy Guest Cottage, and a year-round Fireside Pavilion! See the Features link in the header for more details. Enjoy the videos below to learn more about this amazing property:


The Estate House

6 Bedroom - 4 bathrooms  >More


The Guest Cottage

450 square feet, 2 Bedroom, 3/4 bath  >More

The Year-Round Picnic House

562 Square feet, fireplace, stove, kitchen  >more

Woodland Park is a wonderful town


Less than 30 minutes on Highway 24 from Colorado Springs, Woodland Park is a thriving community of it's own. The new indoor pool, the beautifully renovated central park, the local coffeehouse, the central brewpubs, and the Dinosaur Museum ... would make you think you were in a much larger city, but you will be amazed at how far away from the hustle-and-bustle you feel. Prepare to let everything slow down a little when you move to Woodland Park.