5 Western Lots Can Be Purchases Separately

Lots valued at $150,000 total. Ready to develop.

The western side of this property is a wide open, wooded wonderland. 

You may wish to purchase only the eastern side of the property with the main home, cottage, and fireside pavilion at a reduced price. This would separate the 5 lots on the western side of the property for future development for yourself, or sold to someone else for development. So, you may view these lots as investment property to earn income for years and years to come, or as a way to reduce the overall contract size and lower the price on the main home. Either way, the present 5 plots on the western side of the property, plotted with the original lines from the 1890's survey, are all still intact and can be built on immediately without additional survey or changes. 

Documentation is on-hand to show the City of Woodland Park's recommendations for running the water line across all 5 lots at one time from West Gunnison, approved and outlined. This documentation also approves the use of an easement to grant use and all tax and insurance responsibility for the Fireside Pavilion to the owners of Lot 5 on the main property, and this easement will not reduce the development on Lot 23.

plotmap scan with notes.png