562 Square Feet. Vaulted ceilings with craftsman details.

To have a 365 day outdoor entertainment space in the high country of Colorado is priceless. Sit by the fire all winter long, and have your thoughts lifted by the high vaulted long-grain pine beams, so open and airy. Windows all the away around to survey the whole property and enjoy the whispering Aspens shimmering in the sun.

The fireplace is enormous and can host fires year-round, even during burn ban season because it is indoors. The grill above the fireplace can be a wood burner, but presently hosts a beta-propane grill assembly, and both the grill and the fireplace vent up the same chimney. An electric light and vent-hood has been recently added over the grill.

The brick, common to Denver's production during the time, is found on all the fireplaces on the property, but is a real standout in this outdoor retreat. It is flanked by concrete counter tops and storage on both sides. 

Propane has been supplied to the pavilion for an infra-read overhead heater, a small propane stove, and the grill. The small propane stove is Art Deco in style and was originally installed in the Guest Cottage, but moved here in 2015, and is fully functional–both the cooktop and the oven. 

The floors are reputed to be Italian tile, and the vaulted ceilings will remind everyone of the kind of craftsmanship in wood, joinery, and attention to detail that is rarely seen today. 

The shuffleboard to the south end, on good authority, is the oldest shuffleboard court west of the Mississippi. The pushers, pucks, wax and powder are ready for you to play right away.