Two Acre Wooded Lot. Private. Expansive.

spanning the block between West and PIne STreet with West Gunnison to the North.

Part of the magic is living in the very center of Woodland Park and feeling like you are a "little way out" of town. The home is set framed by a sprawling lawn full of Ponderosa pines, Blue Spruce, and Aspens. The grass grows naturally seasonally without a sprinkler and is usually only mown a few times a year. The acreage will allow your pets to make long runs greeting the squirrels, deer, bunnies, and, yes, the occasional bear who might be making its way through town. 

Wait until evening and watch the myriad of outdoor lights mounted in the trees illuminate the high boughs, and spotlight walkways, entrances, and features in the lawn. This provides not only safety, but also a true 'art walk' feel to the property all night. The service is hardwired, low voltage, and is automatically on from dusk till dawn.

There is frost proof outdoor faucet and electrical service already run to the southern end of the lot for a future greenhouse so your dreams of high country gardening are within reach. There are two new outdoor faucets installed on the main home as well as one on the cottage for watering and washing. 

The new 200 amp electrical service was newly installed in 2011 and serves all three buildings on #2 aluminum service line, and "outposts" are also found on the southeaster patio, the center of the lawn, and a 30 amp RV style hook up is located on the north entrance to the property.

A tree house with a 200' zip line are found on the western lots of the property, and a wonderful swing for children, and even an infant seat, invites play in the center of the lawn. 

The entire property is presently encircled by a chain link fence installed in the 1940's of the highest quality steel. New full automatic automotive gates have been installed, along with people gates on the north, south, and east.